Presentation at Petőfi Sándor school in Kézdivásárhely

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As in all Romania this was the week - school without the books; on the 4th of April representative from Green Sun Association - Ráduly Attila and two EVS volunteers Ieva Brikmane (Latvia) and Gayane Asatryan (Armenia) was visiting Petőfi Sándor school in Kézdivásárhely (Târgu Secuiesc). Photos taken at this event can be seen on the facebook page of the Green Sun Association.

Geography teacher Daczó-Hodor Barna invited Green Sun members to present the green way - Nemere for 5th grade students. Nemere Trail have a good influence on the developing of the society in our region by helping and spreading the news about easily attainable healthy ways of living, and it also might contribute to the development of the local tourism. The complete route goes through around fifty settlements, touching at least 30 different mineral water sources and 187 mansions. It reveals the unique natural and cultural treasures of the Upper Three Chairs and offers a glimpse of the region’s customs, traditions and way of life. The length of the road is 230 km long on the whole, 150 km of which can be found in the area of Kezdivasarhely, and 70 km in Orbaiszek. After presentation children's had a little quiz! Prizes from Green Sun Association - booklet about Nemere Trail got following students - Farak Erik, Biszak Bernadett, Farkas Tamás, Székely Zsolt, Bagoly Beáta, Fábián Alfonz, Fábian Edgár, Bucs Anna, Szabó Norbert, Kovács Orsolya! After presentation and quiz childrens had the chance to ask questions for our EVS volunteers from Armenia and Latvia! They get to know where these countries are in map and girls was telling more about their cultures! Students was very interested to get to know more and it was good experience to all involved!

Author: Ieva Brikmane