Professional experience exchange in Szováta

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Members of Green Sun Association had participate in a professional exchange meeting on 24 of June in the Teleki Educational Center from Szováta, at the invitation of Coneed Bildungswerk and Zöld SzékelyFöld Association. Photoes from the event are available on association Facebook page.

Coneed Bildungswerk an education and local development organization from Germany organized a seminar in Szováta in the mid of June 2015. The group of ten members were builded from adult education trainers, leaders of economical and socials organizations. Their study visit was founded by the Erasmus+ program and his aim was to straighten between the two regions the cultural and social relations by cooperating in the field of education. On the discussion the president of GSA spoke about the most important events what they had I the last 6 years, showing to the leaders the Nemere movie too. After the speech of Ráduly Attila, the participants had the opportunity to see and hear about the activities of SLOW-TOURS Transylvania and too hear about the history of the Butterfly house from Parajd.