Rácz Levente Botond Summary

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I am volunteer at Green Sun Association for one and a half year, and member of it for a few months. My girlfriend was a member of the association from the beginning, So i get in touch with Green Sun Association after meeting her. At first She draged me around to outings, Volunteer activities, to build a playground and then I think I endeared the organisation. As I saw what people can do from zero with collective force, we built a wonderful playground from loose cash for some kindergarten kids. It was good to see the kids face when we handled through the beautiful, colorful playground, replacing the old iron swing. Not long before I participated in a treeplanting action, we dig out and planted more than a thousand trees in Kézdivásárhely in a few days and I was proud on what we realised together. I ’ve got an acquintance who’s member of another civil organisation, who have a lots of money, But they don’t do anithing useful, but even can’t understand that theese outings passes with work and amusement, and are made from very small amount of money, and I think we can be proud of it. Even though I’m from Sepsiszentgyörgy I like to go to Kézdivásárhely to Green Sun’s outings, but even fur ther if my time allows, often birthdays are held, smaller or bigger outings, common weekends, where we work or have fun, I always feel great. This summer I participated at the Nemere Trail’s set out, where I helped with fixing bikes, theese weekends were also action-packed, I tried to be an active member of the group. My aim is to change people`s mentality together, to protect our environment, not to litter, to buy local products, use our energy sources conscious, and now before christmas to try to buy a living christmas tree, because lots of trees are being choped out from our woods. Find your place, and be a volunteer at Green Sun Association.

Translated by F.Zs.