The rehabilitation works of the central park Molnár Józsiás

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Green Sun Association in partnership with Kézdivásárhely Municipality had access a grant of 9.000 lei Partnership Foundation and MOL announced already for the tenth time this year. Pictures about the rehabilitation works are available on the association's Facebook page.

As already known, the purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the park, mainly the back of it. To achieve this, work is in full swing. We mounted planters made of wood in order to give a new look of the fence. Planters were painted by Bod Péter Pedagogical High School students. Also were mounted on weekends the bird feeders, bird houses provided by Fides-Impex SRL from Ojdula. Several students have adopted these houses and offered to take care of the birds winter time. The educational activities are continuously organized in the park in order to detect the birds of the park and the existing trees. The park is a home to various types of animals and plants in the area about which children know very little that is why is important to discover them together. We can often see birds, magpie, wren, titmouse, woodpecker, nuthatch or even the sparrow. In this the week will be planted the plants and will continue to mount the wooden decorations. During the months of July, and August will be mounted garbage bins and a wooden mini amphitheater. Kézdivásárhely Municipality will change the metal fence on one made from wood. At the inauguration of the park we will present the brochure of the park and the information panel of the birds from the park. Partner: Erasmus+ program and Woman association from Kézdivásárhely Photo: Melissa Öller and Gayane Asatryan