Report - "EUpoly" Youth Exchange

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Between 9 -17 April 2016, Green Sun Association volunteers participated in a youth exchange again, this time in Felsőtárkány, Hungary. The main theme of the youth exchange Eupoly was understanding and awareness of the 'European citizenship", a project which has received funding from the European Commission in frame of the Erasmus + programme. The main organizer of the project was Ugar Association from Eger, Hungary. Photos during the exchange are available on the Facebook page of the association.

Green Sun Association from Kézdivásárhely, was represented by four volunteers, namely: Balázs Attila Kelemen Zsolt, Szabó Attila and Kiss Fanni.

Ms. Kiss Fanni's report. Bout the youth exchange:

"During the exchange I learned more about Erasmus + and about 6 other organizations operating in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia. I worked in mixed groups and according to project theme we created different posters. During  our stay in Hungary we were able to know in depth the village where we were hosted and the town  Eger. Based on a quiz we managed to discover the city, its history, we visited the castle and have carried out a study visit to College Eszterházy Károly. Besides visiting the city we spent time knowing the natural habitat of the region and the fauna of the forest at the edge of the village. I believe that I was able to expand my horizon in this matter and I realized that this part of Hungary is miraculous too. "