Season-opening bicycle tour on Nemere Trail

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May 18th, 2014 was the date for the season-opening bicycle tour organized by the Green Sun Association on the Nemere Trail. Photos taken at the event can be seen on the facebook page of the association.

A 35 member team rode their way, following the C signs, starting off at Sinkovits Stadium in Kézdivásárhely and continuing their way through Kézdiszentlélek (Perkő), Kiskászon, Kézdikővár, Torja, Futásfalva, Ikafalva, Felsőcsernáton (Ikavára) writing a circle and finishing their trip at Kézdivásárhely. As usual the bicycle tour was a good opportunity to learn about the settlements the team passed through. They took a halt at each of the villages to see the sights. At Kézdiszentlélek and Kézdikővár Hodor Enikő, volunteer of the Green Sun Association held a short presentation on the villages. At Futásfalva and Ikafalva Bardócz Csaba, reformed mimister guided through the history of the two settlements and showed the team the reformed church at Ikavara. The youngest participant at the tour was the 7 year old Lőrincz Ákos, one of the keenest riders of the 68 km-long trail.

You can read more about the Nemere Trail on the specially designed website Translated by György Andrea

Photos: Canea-Kocsis András, Székely István, Vajna László and Ráduly Attila