A small date in a big life

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I have marked a small date on my calendar: July 8, a month since I live in Romania. To be honest, I have a feeling that it has not been more than two weeks, but the events were so many, that it seems to me I had spend here almost 1 year! It is believed that the EVS project, especially long-term, is an exit from your comfort zone. Whether my territory before the project was uncomfortable, or I was different from everyone, but I did not feel out of this zone.

It was quite easy to adapt to the life in another country, perhaps, my interests and hobbies before the project had on influence on this: student in pedagogical collectives, volunteering, change of residence and work (Oh, Yes, this is my hobby). The people around me helped to cope with discomfort in communication. The English language starts to be a part of my life, though with difficulty, but even pleases. Using Russian, English, Hungarian, Romanian and other words that you miraculously know from somewhere, you can explain something, tell, ask about something.

Friends from Russia often ask questions about understanding: "how do you understand people?", "As people you understand?" Yes, knowledge of the language is a very important factor, but not the main one. Even in Russia, communicating in Russian, people do not always understand each other, but here is another country and other people.

Another question that I have heard: "do you miss home? Russia?" Difficultly. It is difficult to answer "Yes" or "no", because, having answered unambiguously - to lie. There are bouts of loneliness and nostalgia, but they pass. My people are with me even here in Romania. Viber, WhatsApp, Vkontakte, Facebook, Skype, Instagram - all these messengers and social networks help to be closer to family and friends, albeit virtually. We all miss someone or something. I'm not looking for a replacement, I'm not trying to forget. I just Live here and now, and it's getting a lot easier for me to accept reality.

My first month in a new interesting country was wonderful!

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