Spanish national event (Alicante)

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The next 4 of November 2014, the Green Sun Association is glad to invite the people for the Spanish national event, which is going to be realized in the cultural house. Is a good occasion to meet the Spanish culture, regions, traditions, problems, history… and also you will have the possibility to ask in what you are curious. Clara Bejarano Sánchez, Spanish volunteer from the Green Sun Association will make the presentation of her country in different ways with songs, videos and presentations.

The program will be a presentation with a visual projector about: Spain and the regions, different languages and nationalities, nationalism problems/Catalans/Vasc people, influence of Arabs/ Mors and Christians (moros y cristianos) and typical parties and stereotypes. Also we will see some interesting videos about flamenco and other typical things. People will be able to ask whatever they wish to know or learn about Spain. And at the end, to finish she will ask for help to sing a Spanish song all together. Don’t be shy to participate!

All people are invited to the Spanish event in the cultural house, Kézdivásárhely, 18:00, 4 of November 2014! Sponsor: Erasmus plus and Vigadó