Stand at Family Festival

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Last week during 4  days, Kezdivasarhely Sport Center was the place where was organized for the first time the Christian Family Festival. As couldn’t be the another way, the Green Sun Association was there helping and enjoying this crowd event, where more than 700 registered people gathered together, according to the statistics of the bracelets placed on each participant by organizers. By the stage of this Christian event played high level artist like Reménység or Csiszer Lázsló.

​Some photos of the event can be found in the Green Sun Facebook Page

We brought our green stand on Friday 12 of August, and right after lunch, we started to play with all children who came into our corner. We played with them games like Mikado or the Balance game, furthermore some member of the organisation organized some recycling activities, where the children could make some ships with carton eggs and toothpicks, painting after on it beautiful colours. 

Meanwhile lots of children were passing out our stand during the 5 hours we were there, and the local scout group organizing some activities at the same time, on the stage, the bands were testing everything to be ready for the evening concert. When we finish and all the material was collected, the nice organization of the event provided some food again. 

Was a really pleasure to take part of this event where our organization focused again playing in a “green way” with the smaller people, creating awareness while enjoying the game.