Starting a new journey

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Sometimes you need to do some changes to know where is your limit. Being decided to do a EVS started to search. Sending a lot of mails and discovering it´s not a easy thing to find an organization. Most of them are not searching people in that moment or they already have volunteers. And then you ask yourself if you are doing something wrong with your CV or the letter and here is when I decided to implement my presentation with something different.

A little green frog and a short phrase in colour! It´s not something especial but I realized a change in their answers. Interest. This simple thing called their interest (or thats what I guess). Finally you find an organization but you still have to wait to see if the project gets accepted. It can work or it can fail, but if you continue trying you will have it. And at the end you have a project!

But that´s the easy thing because you will find more things in your way, I´m trying to deal with a stomach ache and a headache since I arrived, for example. But you have to face it.

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