Subjective presentation

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Dr. Szabolcs Szilveszter adjunct professor at Sapientia University held a special presentation about his experience in Ecuador, honoring the invitation of Green Sun association. Photos are available on the association Facebook page.

Szabolcs Szilveszter engineer was invited to the country from South America as a professor of the university, where during his stay in addition to teaching at a university he participated in various actions to clean the waste water. Ecuador as he said is another world, but is not as dangerous as we think. While the standard of living is at the same level as in our country, the same we can say about the salaries of people in education or health. They are much in front of us regarding this issue. The governments of Ecuador realized that they need to invest in health education for continuous development. They also did not hesitate to bring strangers, to benefit from their experience and wit . Mr. Szilveszter said - even if it's a subjective assertion - it is a mistake to call Ecuador among Third World countries. Another typical aspect of the exotic country would be the extremes, for example in the environmental protection range extends from dirty water to the isolated and protected Galapagos island.