Take care of it. It's yours! - Molnár Józsiás Park

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Friday afternoon in the City Day took place the festive inauguration of the rehabilitation works of Central Park Molnár Józsias by Green Sun association. The rehabilitation works were carried out by the Green Sun association in partnership with the Municipality Kézdivásárhely and Women's Association of Kézdivásárhely. Photos from the event are available on the association's Facebook page.

The ceremony took place in a small family circle in the presence of volunteers, partners, Green Sun association was represented by its president Attila Ráduly and Kézdivásárhely Municipality by vice-mayor Gyula Derzsi. First we planned the rehabilitation of the back side of the park, which meant changing trash bins in the park, creating a mini-amphitheater with logs, planting in hanging pots of perennial flower, installation of decorative wooden fence. Planting perennial plants and mounting a panel with the birds of the park, and publish one editorial about the park. These are followed by changing the fence surrounding the playground. – say Attila Ráduly In turn Derzsi Gyula spoke about the many successful projects that they had developed in partnership with Green Sun and assured those present that in future civil organizations will enjoy the support of City Hall. Experience has shown that projects carried out in partnership with civil organizations are cherished by the local community. Project results in numbers: * Number of volunteers: 22 * Number of participants: 240 * 7 non-formal activities in the park * 1 orienteering competition in park * 110 pieces of perennial flowers in hanging pots * 14 square meters of wooden decorative items * 150 pieces of perennial flowers flowing over a length of 110 m * Mini - amphitheater with 14 logs * 1 blackboard 1 panel with a diameter of 180 150 cm with showing the birds of the park Marking of trees in the park on the map and identifying them * 15 pcs. Trash bin * 1 editorial in 100 copies * 37 T shirts * 17 bird-feeders from which 8 was stolen The total project budget is 14 221 lei from which 9000 lei grant. The project was funded by the Green Spaces program of the Foundation for Partnership and MOL Romania. The Association thanks the volunteers for their selfless work, partners, and especially Mrs Katalin Jancsó for her assistance in writing the editorial and for László Gál for the photos.