They biked on the Nemere Trail

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On the last Sunday of July Green Sun Association organized a bike tour on the Nemere Trail what was developed in recent years. Photos from the event can be viewed on the association's Facebook page.

The group of 58 cyclists met in front of the Sinkovits Stadium. The third round of this year's tour was organized with the purpose to learn about our native places. Some of the bikers went faster, other slowly and talked to each other and enjoyed the beauty of nature that appeared in front of them. The weather was perfect for cycling tour, sun, some breeze, 27 to 30 degrees C. The riders stopped in every village, resting and visiting the local attractions. This is what happened at Gelence too, where under the guidance of Ms. Ilona Pákó were acquainted with the history of the town and visited the Catholic Church Szent Imre. The church is famous for its frescoes showing the legend of St. László and painted ceiling dating from 1628. During the tour riders visited the Csángó Ethnographic Museum in Zabola and the SPA from Petofalva. They covered the distance of 60 km tasting mineral waters from Tamásfalva, Petofalva and Kézdivásárhely.