They have learnt by doing

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On Friday afternoon in the framework of a press conference, Attila Ráduly, the president of the Green Sun Association and coordinator of the project, has summed the last 11 month’s activities, in which the two foreign volunteers played a crucial role.

This was the first time to implement such a program at Kézdivásárhely. The “Learning by doing” program was carried out by the Green Sun Association with the support of the Youth in Action program. “We think we left behind us a very successful year. Gayane Asatryan and Ieva Brikmane EVS volunteers has gained new experiences and knowledge, which is a potential benefit in their future. We have learnt new languages, we organized events which mobilized hundreds of people in different areas of the county, and last, but not least we have learnt to be more tolerant with others and to accept the otherness.” – said the project coordinator. During the press conference Katalin Derzsi mentor presented how it’s like to be the mentor of a project: it’s not a usual, ordinary activity, as most of the people would think of. The project made their everyday life much colorful, more interesting and valuable. First of all, the girls had to process the cultural differences, to accept the silence and tranquility of a small town instead of the busy, noisy city life. “I have helped the girls in their learning process with non-formal education based discussions, and I believe I made this with success, because they could return to their country enriched with a lot of knowledge. The project definitely has and still have a positive impact on each participant and on the community as well, so we will start our new EVS project in a month with renewed energy and vigor, which will bring us new interesting challenges. – said the mentor. The greens plan to receive three new volunteers in February.

Author: Ráduly Attila Translated by Péter Csilla