Think green! Color the life

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On August 8 Green Sun association officially launched at a press conference the project Think green! Color the life. Photos from the conference are available on the association's Facebook page.

At the press conference Ráduly Attila , project coordinator and Katalin Derzsi presented in details the activities from the project. The main goal of the project is carrying out the activities from a green after-school programme with alternative, non-formal educational methods. The aim is to widen the horizon of the childrens, because due to the electronic world (TV, internet) they become isolated physically and mentally too. Our team has an experience of 5 years in green activities and we are helped by many teachers in achieving our goals. Green education is achieved through non-formal methods, aimed to strengthen the relationship between humans and the environment. Also, the project will put special emphasis on the promotion of EVS and the opportunities offered by the programme. Project along main activities include the organization of local events and different national evenings. In the press conference the three EVS volunteers Celine Berthier (24), Clara Bejarano Sanchez (25) and Melissa Öller (20) have present they goals what they want to achieve till the end of the project.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme, Action 1, the European Voluntary Service.