Three years old

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On August 7 Green Sun Association celebrated its third birthday in Vigadó. During this years Green Sun Association members were very active, and so many programs had been done. Photos taken at this event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association!

The birthday party was organized very well. Ráduly Attila president of Green Sun Association presented the history of organization, programs, which they did. He told about oil gathering program, Earth day’s program. Running day, bike tours, foreign cultural evenings, EVS program and else. EVS volunteers Gayane Asatryan and Ieva Brikmane congratulated Green Sun Association by their native language telling poems. Páll Sándor congratulated with poem which was written by him special for Green Sun Association. Brand book presented also. It is an exemplary illustration of how to look like a high standard newly designed logo, and what editorial criteria should meet an organization to promote their services. Gayane Asatrian, Ieva Brikmane, Attila Balázs, Barti János and Mihály Csaba worked on book. Györgyjakab Boróka is responsible for all book. The participants of evening watched a video about “Equal chances to everyone.” study camp , which presented camps days. It was done by Attila Balázs. At the end of evening Kovács Tímea, Kozma Viola and Páll Sándor. presented the new anthem of Green Sun Association Then everyone tested sweaty cookies, which were made by Derzsi Katalin, Gayane helped her.

Author: Ráduly Attila