Turkish evening at Icafalau

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On November 29, the inhabitants of Icafalau Village had the opportunity to get to know the history and culture of Turkey through the volunteer Ayse Büsra Yilmaz, who  with the help of a interactive presentation guided them in the wonderful culture and tradition of her country. Ayse Büsra Yilmaz is a volunteer at the Green Sun Association through the European Voluntary Service program.

The approximately 40 participants, through the images presented, through specific Turkish cuisine and through presentation films, have virtually traveled the country's history, traditions and colorful culture. Due to the geographical location and the Ottoman heritage, the history of Turkey combines the character specific to the North-Western traditions. After presentations, Büsra responded to the interesting questions of the curious participants. Intercultural evening was translated by Derzsi Katalin, a member of the association, and ended up with a cup of hot tea and delicious homemade cakes.

Evening was possible through the Erasmus + program and his host was Bardócz Csaba priest.