Urban Knitting

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Green Sun Association and Kreakids studio announces the commencement of urban knitting project. In order to achieve our goals we need your help. If you have the possibility please give to us various threads, needles, etc., any material that can help us to knit. We accept any donation as small as it may be up to November 21.

Please bring the donated materials to the Kreakids association headquarters until November 21 or call at the following numbers 0753.133387 (Máthé Reka) or 0766.611066 (Ráduly Attila) or write us on our email addresses zoldnapegyesulet @ com, kreakids_studio@yahoo.com We are welcoming everyone to our knitting workshops too. Urban knitting Art was born in 2005 in Texas, suffering minor changes over time. Tricontar name is a Portuguese mosaic word whose purpose is telling stories, little scenes in different points of the city by putting trees, balusters in various colors. In recent years Tricontar became known in many European cities being loved by artists and is an activity that offers moments of relaxation and fun regardless of age. We gladly accept your help. Knitted creations will be donated to City Kézdivásárhely.