Voluntary work in Green Sun Association - Eniko Klara

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What does it mean being a member of Green Sun Association? I think, first of all, the will to be up and doing without any condition for a greener future. In this sweeping world the money is the only thing many people care about. I have to admit, we need money for our livelihood to be assured, but after all a clean and healthy environment cannot be bought. Money cannot buy us happiness, and nature is definitely more important for me. I have read about this organization and I was really fond of it. A little voice inside my head told me it is a great opportunity and I should try it out. I decided immediately to fill in the application form. I always wanted to be a volunteer, so I was really glad to have this chance. Almost half a year ago I joined the Green Day Organization, and since then I had many new experiences. I met really great people, and made new friends. Here you always have work to do and it is a pleasure to help other persons. At the Green Day organization we planned and arranged many great programs. The first event we organized, which was the one I enjoyed the most, was the building of a playground. It was a wonderful experience watching the children as they were playing and enjoying the place. It is not too late, if you feel like you want to do something for a “greener future”, you are welcomed in our organization.

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