Volunteer Garden in Saint George

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On 4 of June 2015 a Volunteer Garden was celebrated in Sepsiszentgyörgy by Turulmadár Youth Office and the Green Sun Association was invited to participate on it together with another 3 associations: Caritas (Caritas Alba Iulia), Ikevár and Red Cross of Covasna County (Kovászna Megyei Vöröskereszt).

All volunteers associations. It was celebrated in the park Elisabeta, in the center of the city and the activities realized by the organizations were to inform the people about us and to play different games and enjoying with the kids despite we couldn’t finish the whole event because a big storm covered the city. One of the activities what we couldn’t do was the “living book” . Each organization brings one person who will be a “book” so the others can read it. Of course is not literally. The person tells his own story, experiences or other things what the people would like to hear about. Is a good way to inform and to satisfy the curiosity of the people and at the same time to motivate them. Unfortunately the storm ruined the event and in fact gave a lot of work for the firemens because it was too much water for the canalization system of waters. But there is always a next time. Author: Clara.