Volunteer at the Green Sun Association XV - Gyöne Anna

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Hello, In the first place I would like to start my account by answering the question why I am a volunteer. What’s in it for me? Well, I will tell you the big secret; first let me tell you about how I joined this little group. Seeing some of the photos of the Green Sun Association after an event, I started to think about how I could become a member of this group. I contacted Ráduly Attila, the president of the association, asking for some useful information about the group. After this, everything went easily, for I’ve found a nice little fellowship, who accepted me quickly. I can say that starting from this moment, my life changed enormously. One event followed the other and I can proudly say that I’ve participated at a number of events as a member of the group, a friend or a family member – because safe is to say, we are like a small family. I will never forget the day the first time I participated at an event. Yes, then other events followed and now it’s been nearly six months that I‘ve become a member of this group. I’ve done a lot of things so far; I took photos at a book preview, I went to the Nemere Trail camp and was I charge of the camp and the participants’ well-being, I collected litter during the Cleaner Feketeugy action and I also cycled for our Autonomy together with my team members. And this is not all. Because in life, there isn’t a nicer thing than to help our fellow-beings. Many people have asked me a question: what do I gain from this? I will try to answer this now: disregarding time and energy we help our fellow-beings and we consciously act in a way, that our environment be cleaner and more beautiful. We try to make people find the way that we think is the right one both for us and for the others. I personally can nothing but thank this little group for accepting me, for regarding me as family. I like what I do very much and I appreciate the work of those people who after getting home, instead of sitting in front of the TV or the computer, collect litter or cycle kilometres in order for us to have a cleaner environment. Thank you for having the possibility to be one of your group members and thank you for showing me that each day, there is something to fight for, something good to do for ourselves, for our fellow-beings and for our environment. My regards, sincerely, Anna

Author: Gyone Anna Translation: Gy. Andrea