Volunteer at the Green Sun Association XX - Mihály Csaba

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My name’s Mihály Csaba, I’m 22 years old and I live in Kézdivásárhely. I’ve been following the activity of the association from its beginning and have participated at several events, but I became more interested in it from the beginning of the fall in 2011, as I had more free time, than what I had been used to. I’ve always been interested about civil movements, and ‘green thinking’ and this is how I thought of joining the group. I’ve already found out a lot of things that every person, who respects himself and nature, should know. Depending on my free time, I help the association. I’ve been a more active member, especially since the EVS project has started. It seemed a great opportunity to meet other people with different culture and to improve my English. Since the fall, I had the opportunity to try out several things. The most pleasant memory to me is when I held an environmental talk with elementary school children. Previously I haven’t had the chance to participate at any activities with little children like them, so I enjoyed it very much and it was a good experience. It was well worth spending the time on trying to figure out how I could make children understand what ‘green thinking’ involves, in a world where they see exactly the opposite. That’s how my presentation turned to be a discussion, which in my opinion, was pretty successful. Anyway, I couldn’t but recommend this association, to anyone who might be interested. You can meet a lot people and you can find out about a lot of things, that you normally wouldn’t – a fact that is generally true for any volunteering organization. The members that we count at present, are friendly people who are in favor of change, it’s worth getting to know them. Translated by György Andrea