Volunteer life.....

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I walked on Baltic see-side and enjoyed the sunshine three weeks ago... My name is Orsolya Rákos, I was EVS volunteer in Latvia, in Liepaja, which is the third biggest city Liepaja. I’m from Romania and I came for 9 months in this nice city.

I started my EVS volunteer work from 1 of September 2013 until 25 of May 2014. I lived together with three girls, they were from Austria and Germany, and one boy was from Georgia. Thanks to my sending organization, Green Sun Association and to my courage I went to this amazing city and I had opportunity to live there, knowing their culture, their traditional and I took part in their common life, eminently in Karosta children’s life (Karosta is part of the Liepaja city). My host organization was Liepaja Jaunie Vanagi but the Karosta’s Kids organization managed this project. I worked in a Day Center and a Youth Center with my room-mate, where we helped to the group leaders and we played with the children or we organized some activity for the youths. I took part in interesting events, other projects, which the Karosta’s Kids organization got over. Example: we made Christmas present for orphan children with youths and we went to the orphanage where the youths danced, sang for them. We had a great holiday week on spring because we walked around Karosta in group (with youths) whole week and made superb pictures about Karosta. But of course I participated in Christmas, Easter ceremonies. But also we showed our country and food for Youths. I achieved what I wanted because everyone want something from this opportunity and has a goal. I met a lot of kind people, I got good foreign friends, I learn`t foreign language, I knew other culture, I traveled around north European’s countries, I tried the hitchhiking, I did lot of fun with girls. And of course I knew better myself. Like I went away full of fear from Csíkszereda like I came home with confidence. The EVS was the greatest experience, traveling and adventure in my life. If I could I would do again. 