Volunteers at the Green Sun Association - Kocsis István

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It’s always a good experience to get acquainted with like-minded people who have similar values with us. It’s even better to do something together with them for what we believe in. After a short „orientation” -with these thoughts in my head- I decided to join the Green Sun Association team as a volunteer. The more we are, the more we can do. I thought a determined team with the same purposes can realize a lot of things. And I was right, I can experience this since the day I joined the team. The determined team was given, so I just joined them. Despite the fact that I didn’t know anyone of them before, they accepted me very quickly. In the past 8 months there took place several events and activities which were very useful and informative, and in the same time had a community-building effect also. In the framework of voluntary took place a playground-building action, presentations about environment protection, celaning up rivers and stream coasts, and a lot of useful actions. I can tell that all these actions took place in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, but in the same time they were very efficient. However, the team didn’t forget about the relaxation: I had the opportunity to attend concerts, friendly discussions seasoned with singing and playing guitar, but it also included pub-crawlings in the evenings. After all, I can only recommend this to everyone. Dear friend, if you are interested in nature and you would like to do something for it, or if you would like just to try yourself as a team member- perhaps all these three tohether- don’t hesitate to register!

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