Wall Calendar 2013

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The Green Sun Association’s new wall calendar 2013 has been published and it can be ordered. The calendar was designed by Ieva Brikmane Latvian EVS volunteer from the best creations of the „Kids in Nature” photo contest. Compared to the previous years, the publication became more richer and more colorful.

Green Sun Association announced a photo contest for the 6th time since their foundation. The aim of the contest was to raise awareness through the works of the photographers on the close connection of nature and children, the beauty of this and the preservation of the values of this connection. During the one-month deadline 192 photographs of 67 participants were recieved in the mailbox of the greens. The contest was hosted by the zoldnap.info website. A wall calendar 2013 has been produced from the best works. Similar to the previous years, the calendar contains the most important Green Days, events and dates related to the program.

The publication can be dowloaded from our website, it can be taken from the venues of our events, or can be ordered by phone: 0766-611066. The price of a calendar is 18 RON (13 pages, A4 sized). The Green Sun Association team wishes Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Author: Attila Ráduly Translated by Péter Csilla