We have finished a year full of achievements

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Tuesday afternoon was held the annual meeting of the Green Sun association. The association has left behind a long year full with memories. The events of the association were held in 2015, not only in Târgu Secuiesc, but in the entire region were was present the association with her green programs.

Photos of the meeting are available on the association's Facebook page.

After receiving the guests Ráduly Attila, president of the association presented the year 2015 with the help of videos and PowerPoint presentations. Regarding programs of the Association 2015 proved to be a rich year, there was not a month where the association did not have a new event. The members spoke about the achievements of 2015 and discussed and establish the main objectives of the year 2016. The traditional events will continue and will be organize new events too. President of the Green Sun Association claims that " we continue organizing future events based only by concrete plans with concrete goals and realistic thought." After awarding members and volunteers of the association the meeting ended with a toast.