Welcome, German National Evening

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Оn 30 of May at Vigadó Green Sun Association in Kézdivásárhely (Targu Secuiesc) organized 4th cultural evening for this year. German National Evening was organized by Caroline Barth. Photos taken at this event can be seen on the facebookpageof the association.

She is not EVS volunteer as Gayane Asatryan, Ieva Brikname and Ahmet Basik, who has organized Armenian, Latvian and Turkish Cultural Evenings. Caroline Barth lives in Cluj-Napoca. She has been implemented a program of German government since last September. She is hosted by the Diakonia Cristhian Fundation in Kolozsvár. There were arround 50 guests in the German National Evening. The program started with the welcome speech of Chairman of Green Sun Association Ráduly Attila, then Caroline Barth presented Germany. As you know, 81.8 million people live in Germany. This country has 357 104 km² square, and 16 States. She spoke also about German Holidays, music, favorite musicians, foods, etc. Then she presented her organization - Diakonia Cristhian Organization, which has been founded in 2001 by the Reformed Church District of Transylvania. Its mission is to give medical & social help, to strengthen the personal and collective sense of responsibility based on Christan values: shape mentality, develop skills, protect life, help. Then she presented her program, which she has implemented in the kindergarten. There are 50 children, whose families have not enough money to provide them good social conditions. She helps them to prepare their lessons, organizes interesting events for them as well. This Evening guests had a chance to taste the German traditional cake named Streuselkuchen. I want to add that Gál-Lázár Hajnalka - Caroline’s coordinator translated everything during this evening. Caroline Barth and Gál-Lázár Hajnalka received map Szeklerland as a gift from Péter János, who is a member of honor in Green Sun Association.

Author: Gayane Asatryan