Welcome to Turkey!

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In Green Sun Association are two EVS volunteers from Armenia and Latvia and that is a good chance for local people to know more about different cultures. In 2012 3rd May Green Sun Association invited EVS volunteer from Turkey Ahmet Basik to present his country and culture. Ahmet now is living and working in Bucharest, Pantelimon at the "Asociatia Prietenia" (Barátság Egyesület) and he is going to stay in Romania 10 month. Had you ever eat Lokum and dance Halay? If not, then its will be even more interesting the Turkish national evening where you can ask any questions about Turkey and learn more new things. Sincerely open to anyone who is interested in Vigadó at 18.00 o'clock. The project is supported by the second subsection of the European Voluntary Service, part of the Youth in Action program.

Author and Poster: Ieva Brikmane