Who is the mentor and why she can't be eaten?

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Far from home, without knowledge of the language, surrounded by complete strangers, each volunteer has a ray of light – mentor. Mentor-friend, mom and dad, brother and sister, assistant. I was very lucky because my mentor Gayane Asatryan is not just a mentor, but a person with a capital letter. I haven't had a week, without she asked me how I was doing, how I was feeling. Gayane shared with me the most precious thing in her life – her family. She let me into her heart, and I hope I'm able to respond with the same kindness. 
In fact, the mentor is a very important and necessary person in the life of each volunteer.

When a really good and understanding person is near you, all problems are solved, and adversity is avoided.  It's never too early or too late to say thank you, so three months before the end of the project I say a big thank you to my wonderful mentor and I will say it again!  Oh, Yes, you can not eat a mentor, you need to love and adore her!

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