A year full of achievements!

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Friday afternoon Green Sun Association held the last assessment meeting of the year. Behind the association stands a long year full of memories and accomplishments. Association was present this year too with its programs in several localities in the region. The president of the organization Attila Ráduly totaled the events and achievements through a colorful presentation with videos and  statistics. Photos are available on the Facebook page of the association.

According to representatives of the association last year 27 projects were submitted to various bodies to finance programs of the association, of which about 60% funded. The organization has carried out several activities in environmental protection, sports, culture and education for healthy living. Photos of these activities organized in various albums gave those present the opportunity to gain a clearer picture and the understanding of the association's goals to be easier.
At the end of the meeting the volunteers were awarded for the most active volunteer of the year 2016. Thus was appointed Attila Szabó with 300 volunteer hours / year. The second volunteer of the year was Kónya László with 224 volunteer hours and Attila Balázs the third with 219 hours of volunteering. "We owe thanks to each person who contribute through voluntary work in implementing the association's activities. We continue our activities under the strategy of activities with well-defined goals, realistic and realizable. "- said president of the association.

Photo: Bandi Zsolt