Find the diferences

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As the times is passing by, I can see a lot of differences between my country (Spain) and this part of Rumania. And is quite funny and I´m enjoying everything I can. 1. The first thing I noticed is that the people don´t wear shoes in their houses. We take out the shoes when we arrive home. And it´s perfect because is very comfortable (and the mothers in Spain get angry if they see you in the house without shoes). 2. The second thing is the way the people drive. Where I live people use to move from one town to another using the highways but here in Romania we have national roads so it´s like a dance of cars moving and taking part of the other side of the road when another car is coming. But I guess in the north of Spain is the same. 3. The third is how green is everything. Here we can find a lot of trees in the streets, grass, flowers… It´s perfect. For example in my own town, you only find trees in the parks (if you find one). 4. The weather. Really it´s not so different (right now), the summer here is hotter than I spected. But the Winter… and I´m waiting for it, it´s really cold. I´m not used to have too much deegrees under 0 so its going to be funny too. Anyway I like cold weather. 5. And the last one (There are more differences) is blonde hair. I´m fascinated about how many people have blonde hair. Also the faces, the structure, is at the same time the same and also different. To end this post I´m going to make a little resume. We are three girls living in a flat and we are being enroled with this organization to make diferent activities. We already enjoyed some of the festivities of the town, played pin pon, had and interview with the radio, we did the Nemere trial with bicycles (despite the weather)… and more is coming. And how Eddard Stark says “Winter is coming”

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