When you start to feel comfortable

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In the GSA, we are starting to have the possibility to take some organization task, to really do something. Now, we can start to offer new ideas, even if sometime we are still consider as « weak children who need support and translator». It's difficult for me not to be able to understand the language, because without the language you can't have a lot of responsibility. It's also hard for me to understand the way the project work. It's so far from organizations where I worked in the past years. So, what did I do in the past 2 Weeks ?  : City days : ZNE (Zöld Nap Egyesület), were participating in 2 events : the traditional cloth parade and the potatoes festival. Without any vote in the assembly of member, we were compulsory to participate in both. Maybe other members would have liked to participate but too bad for them the EVS come first... ! Anyway, I really enjoyed those both events. In the first one, I didn't feel comfortable but it was a very good learning experience about traditional clothe. The second one was very stressful but I enjoyed a lot the challenge and the mood between the contestant and with the jury. Treasure Hunt : I would have loved to be more involved in this event. I feel very comfortable in building this kind of project because of my job in France. :) The event is in 2 weeks, so we are planning the last details, but I can't say more... It's a secret ! Language lesson : It's very nice to learn Hungarian. Our teacher is very patient and most of the time she use non-formal learning method. It's hard for me to learn but I can already understand some sentences said by hungarian people and it's very motivating ! It's a pleasure to try to speak in shops and that someone understand you ! Communication : We are still meeting with newspaper, radio and TV ! It's really funny because I feel that I'm always saying the same thing again and again. For example I'm repeating the same anecdote, the same joke, etc. But still I like it a lot. In a non-formal way, we are promoting the organization only by living in the city, going in shop and talking with the people, saying we are stranger, here for an EVS experience. Learning : Except from hungarian lesson, I'm learning a lot. We had a lesson about photoshop/gimp : how to create a poster. It was very interesting and I hope I will have good ideas for the next event's poster ! Thanks to the friend I am making here I also learn about politics in Romania, tradition, food, fauna and flora etc … Well, I arrived at the end of my page, so I will stop here. Thank you for reading till the end ! Szia !

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