Run run, the time is passing by

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I still don´t know in what day I am, but it's nothing new I guess. The days go by and guess it's the closest thing to what you feel if you are a shipwrecked on an island full of bottles of rum, in the center of a storm. I love everything, the time goes so fast and I feel like I'm changing with it. Well, when I said that all is good is not true, sometimes I have the feeling we have a home daycare, but that is also learned. We are strong, and if we are not, we will be. Right now we are packing to go to an event a week ... can not wait to go and get lost a little, see the forests of that area (you will wonder where we're going, but I don´t remember, but it is very nice). This month has been a month with some work, but I like to feel active. We have had several events with bicycles, as the "treasure hunter" and "bike for a good aim" or "critical mass". For my part I'm still cooking "tortilla de patatas", like when I went to the radio and took one for them. I keep surprising that the people likes it so much. We also celebrated the day of peace, but unfortunately not many people came to the event, perhaps because it was not a good place to celebrate. In general, we always have something to do, even if we have free time. Whenever something comes up that fills our day. And today we're going out and I have not even prepared something to eat so I say goodbye to you all. See you soon!

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