My adventurous and exciting life as a EVS :)

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Now I have been very well accustomed to this life and enjoying the time here very. I'm so happy, that I being here. I have already found some friends and I have so much fun. We have a lots of Events and they're very interesting. We have also the chance to give them our ideas and help to prepare the Events. At the last weekend we had a big Event. The name of the Event was the Treasure-Hunting and it was great. There came many teams to make this challenge. At sunday the whole group made a bike tour about 50 km. At first I have always thought, that I can't do it. I don't know what happened with me, because after a while I was always one of the first. I'm very proud of me and now I think the most important thing is your mind, when you always think that you can't do it, than it will be happen, but when you think: „ hey I'm strong, I can do it“ ,you will make it. I have learnt it in the last bike tour. Yesterday we had the next Event it called the Peace day. It was also very good, and we made from paper birds for the people and then they gave it on the tree. Now the last two months was fantastic for me and I like it here very much. I hope the time goes not very fast. I will enjoying this year and I love it. :) Unfortunatly I can't write so much in this blog, because we will go today in the On-arrival-training and there are so much things to doing so it's a little bit stressful for me. In the next Blog I will write more. Have a green day ;) Szia :)

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