Walk into Autumn

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Hello regular reader ! Autumn is well installed, here in Kezdi. We have put on the heater ! On Arrival Training : During one week we have meet other volunteer and follow courses to understand better EVS and Romania. It was very interesting and we had a lot of fun with the other volunteer. Thanks to this training we have now some places to stay in other city. It make me understand that here in Kezdi we are in a special volunteer organization : 1 > we are only 3 EVS, for example in Arad they are 20 from one organization, 60 in the whole city. 2 > nobody is working in our organization, everybody is volunteer, It's non-professional. 3 > We have the chance to live in our own flat, some volunteer live in a pension 24 hours running day: Because we were in Predeal for the training we didn't have the chance to organize this event. During the event we had taken picture and copy the names of the participants on diploma. I think there was a lake of atmosphere, of energy. Maybe because it happen inside because of the rain. This is one thing that make me frustrated, we will not have the opportunity to improve event, because we will not be in here next year. Maybe we can think about some document were we wrote the assessment for each event and some advice,for the next volunteer, like a log book. Can't wait you to read me next time ! Céline

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