Diary of a alien

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Since two months ago I am living in the earth. In Romania. Targu Secuiesc. But I am confused because the people call it Kezdi, maybe is a short lovely name and the people gave it to the town? Ahhhh first of all, I am an alien from…. From…. Ok, from very far. I am hidden in the body of a young girl called Clara and I took the control of her body to write this. Don’t tell her, but she is a little…. Strange… she lies in the bed at night for hours with the eyes closed. I don’t know why the humans make this kind of strange things, but I´m investigating. For example, I was very curious because this last week they were all running, just in circles. I must to be loosing something that I can’t understand because they were having fun, but I don’t find it at all. Maybe they were making jokes communicating with their minds, and exchanging information shaking hands. I guess they call it “24 hours running” because Clara was making a kind of picture with it. I don’t know if I want to invade this world… really, this humans… they have a creature called “dog” and I am thinking is any kind of specie which tried to invade them, but now they are slaves of the humans! What if they discover me inside this body and I have to be a dog and run forever in circles! I am almost sure that they make meetings to discuss about how conquer other worlds, but in silence. Because this 3 girls went to a city called Predeal to meet with other young humans. I don’t know what they were doing because there is no logical explanation. So maybe they are exchanging information secretly to conquer more worlds in secret. They call it something like “Youth exchange” but for me is “Youth exchange information for conquering”. One day something called their attention outside because a lot of them ran outside, and there was a big strange creature called “bear”. The bear was scared, and is not for less, this humans are very weird and as fast they laugh and suddenly they are sad. But, the biggest strange thing is “love”. I guess is something that I will never understand. Try do ask 5 persons what is love, and probably you will have a very peculiar answer. My results about love are… ohhh I have to go out! Clara is trying to take back the control of her body! Really the humans are weird… the roommate of Clara is trying to search a spider with a binocular in the room. I go back to my world! Good bye humans, it was very interesting but is too much for me. Szia!

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