I feel comfortable and I'm happy here !

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Szia! :) I write again my next blog and I hope it will be good and interesting. ;) It's very hard to write all two weeks a blog, because I'm again more than happy to be here, but I can't write always the same. Now I think everybody knows, who had read my last blogs, how happy I'm to be here in this nice city. Every day is a new chance and a present for me. I trying to enjoy all the moments here, and keep it as very good memories for my life. The time running so fast and thats one of the things that I hate very, but nobody can stop the time, thats the life. Now I'm trying to forget the time, I think it's better to forget it, before it makes me always sad. Okay now the happy moments I had the two last weeks. One happy thing is, now I understand some words and sentences in Hungarian language, when the people speaking. Also I know now the grammatical things and when I must use -ban or -ben, when it's singular or plural, and more of this things so it will be better, from time to time. I hope soon I can speak with the people in Hungarian and that I understand them good, thats one of my next goals. :-) Next week we have a exam about the hungarian language and I will learn a lot for this. After that maybe we start with the Romanian language, but I prefer more the Hungarian language, because it's easier for me. So I hope we have a little bit more time to learn the Hungarian language. But we need also the Romanian language, because when we want to traveling in other parts of romania the people speak romanian not hungarian. The moving afternoon Poster It was my first poster that I made, and at the beginning I was very confused and scared, because I didn't know, about how to make a poster. But then I saw some videos how I can use gimp, and then I started. When I finished with the poster, I was very proud of me, and again a new thing that I learned here. Now I can make posters and diplomas and other things. Cluj Napoca (Kolozsvár) Saturday the 11th October Celine and I traveled to Cluj Napoca. It was a good journey for me. We started very soon in the morning. In Brasov we met one boy from Italy, he wanted also to Cluj, so we decided to went together, if there stops a car with three seat spaces. I think we waited an half hour until somebody has stopped, and we had the luck that this man had three places. The man was very friendly, because after a while we stopped for a coffee and he has invited us all. He said that he can take us only until to Targu Mures, but it was okay for us. On the way to Targu Mures we stopped a second time and the man showed us Sigishora, it's a very nice city and we stayed there for one hour. I was so surprised how friendly the people here are, because it's not his job to show us this city and it's his time but he said, for him it's okay. After eleven hours traveling, we arrived in Cluj. We were very happy. Actually we have planed to go to an festival, but we decided to go with the people from our hostel to a restaurant, bar and to a disco. The hostel plans every evening something for the people who stay there. It was a very funny evening. We met people from Japan, France, America and Spain. The next day we discovered the city,and we had a small hangover, but it was okay. :) From Sunday to Monday we slept with the sleeping bags in the flat of the Volunteers who we have met in Predeal, because some of them live in Cluj. Monday morning we traveled back to Kezdi „juhu”. :) Volunteer Championship Last Saturday we had one Event in Sant George. The name was Volunteer Championship, and there was six different teams who came to win. We were one of the teams and we win the third price, we got an cup and a diploma. We were very happy and proud of us. This Event started at 9:30 and ends at 15:00 o'clock. Zumba Now I have started with Zumba, it looks very easy, but it's a little bit strong at the beginning. I was there only two times but on Thursday I will go again. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00 starts the Zumba. I like it and I have lots of fun. That were the stories from my two last weeks. ;) I wish you all a good day ! Szia !

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