We are the champions

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Hello! Good day/night/morning (do I forget any part of the day?¿?) Today I´m going to start from the end, but I think I don’t use to have a normal scheme to write this blog so is hard to say where the beginning is and where is the end. The other day we won a cup in a tournament! It was a mixture of luck and…. More luck? But it was good, in fact very good! I was preparing myself to draw a cup just to have one but it wasn´t necessary because we got the third place. I can see the cup from here… shining… We had to play different games like football, and another kind of games difficult to describe (I have a headache right now… I guess is because of the shining of the cup ehehehe). In fact one of the games we play also in Spain, and we call it “dead camp".

- First aid book: We made a first aid book the three volunteers. Melissa searched for the information, I draw the pictures and Celine put all together in the book. It can seem easy, but when you start to do it you realize that you have a lot to do. - Draw Vetro: Is the first time…. No, not the first, is the second time someone draw me. The draw was good but for me the most interesting was to look all the pictures and sculptures pending in the walls. Where this man works is like a small museum with a lot of things. Each time you take a look, you discover something new. - French lessons: Ok is not Spanish lessons but is another activity I´m doing. Celine started with his lessons and I am also there with her. She puts at the end, in my opinion, the most popular film from France. Amelie. - Autumn cleaning: In this event the people bring his electronic materials, oil, paper, plastic…. And we collect all, and let them the possibility to participate in a tombola or giving discounts for the shops. I don´t liked too much because was a little boring but the food was good hehehe. - Volunteer championship: And here is where we win the cup! It was very…. veryyyyy funny to see my team playing football. But we had the only girl running and playing football because the other girls just stayed in the corner… I´m very proud of our girls. - Moving afternoon: This is a sport program together with the sport center, but almost all the young people who came were playing football in the tables with bottoms. Is the first time we organize this event, so maybe the coming times we can improve it.

Finally just to say that we continue doing ping pong (considered a sport of high risk), and I am preparing the national Spanish event which is going to be the 4 of November 2014. So everyone is invited to come!!

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