A Spanish in Kezdi

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One sheep, two sheeps, three sheeps… that´s what people are supposed to count when they want to sleep. I´m not that kind of people… actually I don´t even know what kind of people I am so don´t ask me, but really, I just realized I´m not that kind. And is because this last month when I go to sleep… I don’t count sheeps, and is not so strange at all in fact. But I sing songs… and the worst is that I don’t want to, but is like a kind of dark power pushing me to sing at nights in my mind, because I can´t sleep peacefully if I don’t sing the damned song. And then I think “ohhh Clara shut up…. Ohhh no wait until I finish the song”, Is weird discussing alone when you just want to sleep… but no, the reality is that you want to sing and discuss with yourself, and when you get tired of discussing with your own sin, only then you sleep. And is because of the Spanish event in the cultural house, and just at the end in the moment for the song I was feeling like a chicken screaming in the morning because I was so nervous… and I was looking the faces of the people trying to…. I don´t know but sometimes I was feeling like if I wanted to be rescued while singing. But it was funny to see also the shy faces of the people because they had to help me with the song, and I was thinking “come on, is not worse than what I did just right now singing”. But I liked the Spanish event, it was so nice. I have a note in my mind, very important “no more songs for the next one”. But is very funny, is like the people come in the good mood to participate and have a nice time, and that´s very good. And the best moment of all is when you end and you feel a big stone flying away, but is also an amazing moment when you see their faces enjoying. This time I guess the blog is going to be all about the Spanish event so I´m sorry, but really, this last weeks have been working almost all the time with it, and was so stressing that at least now I have to write the funny moments… like right now when my crazy roommate is singing like a crazy next to me. Is so funny!! And this morning we went to a house to see how a family make bread with potatoes. Is a very long process and the most strange for me was when they took out the bread from the oven and it was burned!! It´s just like that, they take out the first cape and then you have a beautiful bread. That family was so kind and lovely. Was a good morning with a beautiful warm sun. One last thing. I am going to put a enigma, and at the end you will find the answer, but don´t cheat! Just read the answer fi you don´t find the answer. Ok, so here it goes:

  1. You have 10 cats (they are alive and are normal cats) and one mouse (the animal, also alive) and you put all together in a room. There is no way to scape or hide in the room. Only the 10 cats and 1 mouse in a closed rood. How many cats will attack the mouse????

Thanks a lot! See you in the next blog! There will be more but not better… because it´s impossible!! . . . . . Answer: Only 2. Because 8 of each 10 cats prefer Whiskas.

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