My december

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Winter is already here… I wonder if you ever have seen a penguin falling down in the snow or jumping from the ice to the water. It can be all kind of adjectives but not beautiful. That’s how I´m feeling walking in the street with all the snow. And in fact this glamorous girls walking in the street… I think they don´t steep on the street until the snow is gone. Can you imagine them trying to walk so fancy in the snow? Is not possible! Is like trying to look at the television where you appear and to the camera which is filming you at the same time when you are in front of the bank. And for more you try, you know is something that will never happened. That’s why they should stay in home I think, is no other way. But after all you decide to go to the street, because you need to buy something. And you don´t fall in all your way to the shop, you are feeling courage… and when you steep on the front of the shop, suddenly all your courage and skills turns into a duck and you just try to grap to the corners of the door to don’t fall down because your feet is not able to find a correct position. I think this is a good way to describe my winter, that, and the feeling when you see the birds all together in the tree while is snowing. That’s marvellous and is making all the other things to be worth. To make a resume of my days from the last time I wrote here… yes, with the alien… he is a good guy, but just sometimes he starts to talk alone about conquer the world…so I just let him alone. The Austria event is already done, and the Spanish lessons started already. One thing to point from the lessons…we have a lot of young people! Also we have been with Vetro in the school making figures… I don´t wanted to practice because I am slow but hopefully I was able to pick it to my house, so I finished it. And tomorrow I have to help as a jury in a draw contest for kids, so is going to be quiet funny I think! And I will go back home for Christmas to see the family… and my beloved dogs! Maybe somebody who never have had dogs can´t understand, but for me they are part of my family and most of them I saw them coming to the world. They give me unconditional love and an eternal friendship, and is more than some people can offer. And just playing with them on the ground all the day. Have a nice December! (Migi say hello also. The alien)

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