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I have spend Christmas with my family and friend in La Rochelle and then Paris. It was very good and so amazing that everybody speak a language I can understand and speak.

My family was very curious about what i was doing in Romania and also full of stereotype about Romanians. I tried to promote the szekely culture but I'm not sure they understand it correctly. I really appreciated the cultural life in Paris knowing that I will miss it in Kezdi : music, museum, cinema, bar. For new year eve, I was with friend from Kezdi in Harghita region. It was very relaxing and we partied a lot. It was also very good for me to be surrounded by Hungarian language and I've learned a lot. The most bothering thing during those past two weeks was to travel. Kezdi is very isolated from the other city and to go catch my plane it was so much hour of train, bus, waiting, etc ... The same when we went to the house in Harghita, the road are bad and dangerous. This is a main difference with France. Because It make distances completely different.

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