From Mordor (Sax) to Narnia (Kezdi)

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We are back! Christmas is finish… hopefully… is the first time I get this kind of heathy problem… gastroenteritis, and it was 2 days after arriving home. First was my father, then my mother and the last it was me. Well not the last because I passed to my cousin. This is a chain of pain. So you can imagine if I did any kind of program to do during this holyday it just disappeared from my mind. At least I had my beautiful dogs with me. But it was good to see the family anyway and discuss with them like always. It was only 5 months out, but a lot of little things changed. Things that didn’t changed in 20 years, and changed during the last 5 months. Is strange to see how the world continue moving when you are out, and then you go back and discover that everything is the same… but not the same at the same time. Also I did plans for the coming back. I was about to travel all the night so I wanted to sleep in the plane and in the bus… naive me. With three Romanian men just talking and doing the stupid around is not possible to sleep. But at least I did in the bus. The funny part, and not soo funny because I was dead already, is when I jumped out from the bus in Kezdi. It was all with beautiful snow everywhere… and me with big package with wheels. A pair of useful wheels… in the snow… impossible to walk. So I thought “is 8 in the morning, the streets are empty, and I can’t walk… I’m going to walk in the middle of the street because at least there I can push the package”. And that’s what I did… and then the police coming. I don’t even looked to their faces… but hopefully they don’t stopped. At least the flat was empty when I arrived home so I slept and had time to relax. I wanted to go back home… my second home. When you go back you realize you are not the same anymore… in my case yes of course, because I have an alien! And now we start a new year. Lets see how is coming everything…. I think I will pick popcorns and sit to see the film. Boldog új évet!!

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