Survival training in Predeal

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Do you know that feeling when you are in the bed, and inside the bed is so warm and outside so cold? And you feel so good? We have been in Predeal hosted in a hotel, with snow outside and very cool rooms… and that wasn’t the feeling at all… really. In fact the rooms can be the most similar to hell (if we are talking about temperatures of course). I don’t even know why I picked my pyjama… I was sleeping with few clothes and at the end we had to open the windows. I was sleeping with Melissa and one Spanish girl (she is in my facebook but I don’t think she will stop to read this, and if she does… I don’t care). She was looking like a normal girl (“normal”) but then one night we went to open the door of our room and is not opening… she was in the jacuzzi taking a bath with a boy… we know because we share the balcony with the next room, and of course as I said the room is a hell so the window was open. I wanted to say “Heyyy we are here…” because is not good to stay just listening how the water moves in the Jacuzzi and other things… but you know, is not so easy!! People is free to do what they want but just until they don’t bother the others. And 2 in the night, and sharing room with other 2 girls (without asking us) and in OUR Jacuzzi is not the right way to do. At the end we just did what we should do, and said to them “Heyyy we are here….”, the other option was to hide behind the “clothes of the window” (heyy I don’t remember the name in English, is good to have resources), but is not a good option… you never know… In fact, when they came out from the bathroom, she asked me if she can use my towel and he asked Melissa for water to drink…. Poor guy he was tired… So after all my room was a small hell and also the “love room” (to say a nice description) for our Spanish mate. And she don’t even said anything to us, not even sorry. Just like if it never happened. I think for her it was a good decision… so far from reality. And we have to anecdotes related with Spanish people… but fortunately there was other Spanish people who deserve my entire respect. And no only Spanish people. We meet some other really nice people there. I am happy to find such a nice persons in my life. I am sorry to write so much about this topic, but is my way of revenge against the Spanish topic. I am Spanish also. After all, I want to say we have done the Mid Term Training in Predeal (and this happened there) in the same hotel. It was good anyway the full experience, but I can’t say the same for the food (chicken and potatoes again). But from my point of view, I am missing more information in this last training. Changing the theme… yesterday we went to a school to play with the kids and make some activities. It was funny to see their faces with the science demonstrations we did. So this is the end for today in the blog (I have to go to Kaufland). Sayonara!

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