Predeal and Sinaia two very nice places!

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Travelling is so a beautiful and amazing hobby, To find so much beautiful places in the world. It makes me so happy! :) I love travelling, it's one of the best things, I can learn so much from it, and I can collect lots of memories for my whole life. For me is important to have beautiful memories, experiences, and that I can tell later exciting stories, and not to have the biggest and most beautiful car or the best phone, or to have the most expensive tv, that is really not important. Another amazing thing is, that you can meet so much new people during the travelling and you can exchange your stories, it's great. Predeal: From Monday until Wednesday we had the Mid-Term-Meeting in Predeal. We arrived on Sunday afternoon in the hotel and we left it on Thursday. For me the meeting was good and I had again the best trainers. The name for our group was „Wonderland“ its a very nice name. :) I was happy to met some people again in this meeting, and I will miss some of them. It was also good to meet new people and to hear about their stories. At the evenings there were always partys and of course the food was „CHICKEN AND POTATOES“. :D There was also the one street dog from the last time, now she have a little family two whelps were always on her side, they were sooo cute! Predeal was a good and funny time. Sinaia: On Thursday we started in the morning per hitch hiking to Sinaia. There stopped very fast a car, so we arrived very fast there. At first we went to the trainstation, there waited some people for us. Than we started to go to the city centre, there we made all together pictures. After that we wanted to visit the Castle in Sinaia. It was a very nice castel with beautiful landscapes around it. At half past three my train was going back to Brasov. It was a awesome trip with nice people! :) I hope I meet some of them again. At the evening I arrived in Kezdi, and I was very happy to be back. I was very tired from the travelling, but it were awesome days, and thanks on this people who have spent this good time with me. I wish you all a nice day/evening! Sziasztok! :)

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