Winter don´t want to go home <(@.@)>

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I don’t have done too much things since the last time I wrote in the blog. But if I write only 3 phrases… it would be other person and not me who is writing. Today we have again Moving afternoon. For those who are reading this and don’t know yet what is it (I think the probability and both things together is low)… the moving afternoon is an event which we make together with the sport office, in the sport center and we play different games and competitions with the kids. Also I am still making the Spanish lessons, and we have the Romanian lessons too. I am discovering the Romanian is kind of a mixture between Valenciano and Spanish, is being easy to understand. The activities are mostly the same so I will not mention here (manna shelter etc). The only thing different I did it was traveling to Brasov and to Bucharest. Brasov was very good and relaxing with Csaba. The strong part came when the travel to Bucharest starts because I had to prepare my passport in the Spanish embassy. I think I am starting to hate the “kind of” typical Romanian music (it cant be typical…), because all the people have in the car… everywhere. In the train to Bucharest of course also, and the people like to share their music with the others… yes because the others really want to listen… and it would be good in fact, just if is at least good music and diverse. But if you take out the voice, the “instruments” is the same (notice “” in instruments). I don’t know why they always use the accordion. So, I had two persons playing accordion in the train. This time I don’t had problems with money related with taxis… mostly because I refused to use the taxi. My problem was with the girl selling the cards for metro because she wanted to keep 5 lei from my exchange money. And she was angry because I said to her “is missing 5 lei”, always the same. Also when I was in the street searching for the Spanish embassy, the people were sending me sometimes in totally different directions. So at the end I just ended in a police station to ask…. But you know what? They don’t speak English! The police from a capital don’t speak English (but here in Kezdi I found people picking potatoes speaking perfect English). But is ok, because after 2 hours I found it (and also the Japanese and Italian embassy). But after all… I had few things good: one is that I meet with some friends in the house and second… my passport was free because I am a volunteer! :D I saved 120 lei!! Yuhuuuuuuu!!!!

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