Come what may

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The winter is saying goodbye and the sun is coming back. Now the sky have a more brightening color and the snow is out already. But is still possible that is coming one more time, never knows. I never missed so much the sun and the warm weather. We have the same activities so I will not say anything. Just to mention that yesterday we did the Spanish and French event in Ikafalva together. It was too much, too long to make it together. Also I am making a comic related with our theme green life, etc, and is taking also a lot of time, but I like it. Is funny. My parents are coming at the end of march and probably we will go out a few days around Romania, and I think we will pick with us Csaba. He will discover in deep the Spanish way with my parents hahaha. Also they will be at least one day here in Kezdi, I would like to show them the town and people. I think I never said here in the blog what´s about my future. I will go to Republica Dominicana to work as a teacher… and I would like to say… is a very difficult decision. In one part because the contract is for two years, so I will be out from my house 3 years (counting with the year in Romania) and I will see my family only few times. And in other part is also hard because of Csaba. He is a great person. Everyone knows is hard to find someone to stay with… I found him. And in August I have to say goodbye to him. But I will not be like the winter. The winter is sure will come back next year, but I have to say goodbye. I see this also in his face sometimes, and is so hard. But we will enjoy the time we have. Some people already knows who is him so I would like to ask a favour. Take care of him. Anyway there is still months in the middle until the end, so I don’t have to care about it now, is pointless. Ahhhhh this made me sad. I will cut here, today I don’t have a ironic blog (or at least is what I use to try) because I am tired. But I left part of my feelings here, so is also good. Good night! Jó éjszakát! Buenas noches! Bona nit! Noapte buna! Clara.

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