First days in Kezdivásárhely

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During the week before my plane took off I couldn’t sleep properly, because I was very nervous for the new experience. Today I am here, in Romania, after pursuing this project, finally it came true. I’m still in the adaptation process but now I can feel the good vibes of this year to come in Kézdivásárhely. I choose this project because I believe in a sustainable world, with respect for the environment and I want to transmit this to the younger people, and also to elders. Altough I’m sure that I will miss a lot my family and my friends but I want this experience because I can`t stay long time in the same place. The city was a big surprise for me. I thought that it` smaller, but you can find all that you need, and it’s perfect to live for one year. All that you want is near, and people are very friendly. It’s a perfect zone to visit a lot of places in Romania, and other countries, so I have time for all! This country seems very wild and natural so I’m very happy to know more about the culture and landscapes. The flat where the volunteers are living is perfect located; all places are very close to us. Now we are two living in the flat (Enrique, from Palencia,Spain, and me) but we are waiting for Jenya, who will join us soon. She is from Armenia, and we are excited to know her. All mornings I can hear the birds because the garden in front of my window has a lot and there isn’t any noise. I prefer the bird’s sound instead of loud traffic. A lot of people here use bicycle as transport, and for me was shocking because in my city (Vigo, Spain) is very strange to see that, and also, each volunteer have one. It’s the perfect combination of do sport and not pollute, so we will spend one year without pollution and doing sport! This week will be perfect to know more things about the city, so it’s probably that in the following days I will go outside with my bicycle and with my camera because it’s possible to see Carpathian Mountains and that would be wonderful. I have known nice and friendly people and I’m sure that I will meet more next days, so until now, all it’s perfect! I will learn a lot, I’m sure, because it’s a very active and environmental involved project! Tomorrow I will get up early, so I will write again another day! Jó éjszakát!

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