April is coming!

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After the last blog entry, more good things happened in Kezdivasarhely and also in our flat! (now we are planting some peppers, tomatoes, parsley, bassel and coriander, and now we have a lot of weeds!). March 15th was the Hungarian’s day and was wonderful, for me was necessary understand the situation in this county, Covasna, after that celebration. People here are Hungarian and not Romanian so that was for me strange when I arrived. The temperature these days is less than in the first days of March, and last night was snowing so I’m very happy. Today when I got up all the garden was white. Last weekend we went in the forest in Csernaton to do activities with all the organization and it was very interesting and we walked to a small bath with good properties for the body. All here is very wild and the people in rural areas use horses for transport and is better than a car (when is a sunny day.. with rain I don’t know what is the solution) Most of the people here are very impolite, throwing the garbage everywhere, so is necessary to change their mind because a lot of fields are very dirty, and after the people eats the vegetables which grew in that places but it was the same in Spain 10 years ago, so this will change I hope. Enrique and me, went to Brasov also, and was a fantastic trip, we fall in love with the city. We did a small route to Tampa’s mountain, where lives bears, lynx, wild boars and a lot of plants and birds. We will come back because we found a very nice pub with very good music (type of music that my friends hate and I love!) and also the city is very active and there are a lot of young people. There are some photos and some information in Spanish in that blog Easter here is different than in Spain. Thursday and Friday are work day, but is good, we have holidays Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we will go to Poiana Brasov and Rasnov, so in the next blog entry I will speak about that small trip. I’m very excited because is a mountain village with a lot of snow. Last Monday we went by bicycle to Perko, famous because there is a small church in the top and was nice, a big forest and a good landscape. The next trip with bicycle will be to go to a lake or some similar, because I need in summer one place to swimming, will be difficult to find an Island like Cie’s Islands but is ok!! Next Friday I will go to Bucharest to wait for Jenya and April will be a good month and different, I will tell you when I have time. This is the end my friend! Enjoy for me 28 of March, “La Reconquista!” and also, Easter time.

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