One week in Romania

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I am Zhenya Ohanyan. I am from Armenian and tomorrow is the first week when I arrived in Romania. During this week I am full with positive impressions. Romania is very friendly, beautiful country which has a rich history. I live in a small but beautiful town.  Is very stilly and peaceably.

The first I met a lot of good and kind people. They are always ready to help me.

My first training was a bit hard :) I tracked with our work team. But the first time I saw the Carpathian Mountains. It was like in fairy-tail, deep forests, footprints of bear. Luckily, we didn't met some bear. That day I was very tired but full of positive emotions. So, Romania and Carpathian mountains welcomed me..))

I also want to speak about Hungarian language (Romanian language courses I'll begin tomorrow). It is very hard but interesting language. It is a little like Russian,  little- like Turkish. I will do my best to learn it.

In Romania I will have a lot of great adventures and great time.

So, hello Romania, hello new friends, hello new life..!!!

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