We are in summer!

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We are in summerfrown!

Is incredible the weather here. For me is perfect but  I need  the seaside or if not at least a big swimming pool. Now we have  27 degrees and two weeks ago we had  -4 degrees, so is very important to change our behavior with the environment, the climate change nowadays is huge. I like this weather but it’s not natural for this season.

Now I’m  older, and I had a very nice little party Monday night, we knew more things about the gastronomy of Romania and also the song  “Happy birthday” in Hungarian. I could taste a good Palinka (a very strong drink but good to feel hot when the temperature is low) and homemade fat with onions.

I’m very happy, I like April, in this season you can do a lot of things outside and is more comfortable and relaxed. Now I’m in our balcony with one fresh coke, with our little plants, listening Mikel Erentxun (the next singer will be Junco) and remembering very good moments in Salamanca.

Last Sunday I had a very good experience, we went to a mountain and we walked 25 km thought forest and snow. I was feeling very wild and the landscape on the top was very beautiful. This weekend we are planning another small trip. Maybe if the weather is good I can dive in some lake.. My body needs water!

I like this country, there are a lot of beautiful places and people are very friendly, I want to know all the natural and national parks!

Now we are three in the flat, Jenya arrives last Friday and our culture is very different, and it’s very interesting to know more things about other countries (she is from Armenia).  She brings a very tasty sweet for us and now I fell in love with that!

Next week we will organize the “Spring green days”, is an important event, and I will do a presentation about plastic in the ocean and I need to prepare that, so this week and next it’s a little bit hard but it´s good, I think that is a very important topic and is necessary to explain.

About our trip to Poiana Brasov and Rasnov there are a new entry in this link :

and the picture also is in Poiana laugh

I started Hungarian lesson, and it’s funny because I’m very bad with pronunciation but all it’s possible!! Tomorrow we will start with Romanian!!

It’s time to say “deica logo”

(O tren vai andando pasiño a pasiño e vaime levando cara o meu destiño!!!)

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